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A Summer Day In Malibu With Hanna Ball

By June 30, 2017 No Comments

Summer in Malibu with Hanna Ball

In Malibu there are an array of canyons and open pavement perfect for Summer time #PennyAdventures. We caught up with Malibu local, Hanna Ball before she packs up and heads out for her summer road trip through Utah and up to Canada.

Hanna shot all of her photos on a combination of Sony A6000 (digital) and Canon Ae1 with kodak 400 film.

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My name is Hanna, and I’m from the Malibu area of Southern California. On a normal summer day I can be found at the beach, or climbing to the highest peak in the Santa Monica mountains to catch the sunrise.  My love for getting outdoors was catalyzed by the discovery of my passion for film photography; seeing life through a lens allows me to find the beauty in the ordinary.

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I have come to love capturing photos on the move: while driving my truck around aimlessly in the canyons or even bringing my camera around while I skate along the beach. This set of photos captures one of those days, skating in Malibu with my older brother. We had no plans of what we were going to do or shoot, but with two Penny’s and a camera in hand, we captured a day of simple pleasures.

Hanna Ball Penny Skateboards 5

Although I love Malibu and all the people here, I am setting out on a rather lengthy road trip to escape for a bit. I will be seeking different climates, people, and environments. I can’t wait to skate on the open roads of Utah and the windy hills of British Columbia.

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