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Event Activation at the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour (TCT)

By May 11, 2014 No Comments

Penny had lots of fun at the Volcom Totally Crustaceous Tour (TCT)  This year, the theme of the Volcom TCT Championships was “The Newport 500”. It was a full on Nascar themed weekend filled with pitcrews, hot tires, and a whole lot of goin’ fast and turnin’ left! We had plenty of activation and giveaways to keep the groms occupied, like the “Penny Pitstop”, Mario Kart, Tire Tossing and whip cream bubble gum race. We rolled up on Thursday afternoon to help set up and got settled in. On Friday morning we were suited up and ready to take on all the crazy groms.

Kids raced Mario Kart for their chance to win a PennyWe had plenty of games lined up to give the kids some chances to win a Penny! Needless to say, I think that Mario Kart was by far the most popular.

Come Saturday, things were in full swing and the groms were hungry to win some Pennys! The surf conditions weren’t the best, but the competitors definitely made do with that they had and the groms were ripping! We were keeping the stoke alive inside the compound with plenty of Penny giveaways!

During the finals, Volcom held the “Newport 500 air show”. Sean Slater shaped some awesome Nascar shaped surf boards for an epic “biggest air” contest. Cam Richards ended up taking the win with the biggest air of the contest.

Contestants were able to compete for a completeAfter the finals, the award ceremony kicked off with the “Watermelon Award” which is an encouragement award given every year to the kid who had the most stoke and gave the best effort. One of the prizes for the Watermelon award was a Penny complete. Then came the Penny “Lucky Dog” best trick award for $1,000 cash and a Penny complete which was won by Brazilian ripper, Yago Dora. The rest of the awards were handed out with over $30,000 in cash prizes and as much product as the winners could carry.

It was a great weekend full of sun, surf and good times. Thanks to all who came out and made the event possible. And a special thanks to Volcom for the insane amount of hard work and planning that goes into making these events as rad as possible for all who attend.

For video recaps of the weekend, click here.