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Everyday Is A Holiday: Home With Russell Holliday

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Scenic Roads & Sunrise With Russell HollidayRussell Holliday 1

Home for Russell is San Luis Obispo which is on the central coast of California. He cherishs his home more than anything and the more he travels, the more he realizes how special this place is! he’s been traveling for the last month straight for photo shoots and after getting home he’s made it his goal to spend every morning being outside in the ocean, mountain biking, or going for a skate.
His good friend Ryan Valasek met up with him this morning to skate this scenic road and catch the sunrise. While everyone was sleeping they were out bombing some hills and finishing it off with a quick coffee break before they begin planning our next shoot which will take them to Patagonia!
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Get To Know Russell

Where are some places you’ve been traveling and what was you favorite? What were you traveling there for?
This year has been pretty crazy! Iceland, Greece, India, Mexico, and am heading to Patagonia next month. Not to mention a ton of places around the US and in California. Most of these trips were for commercial photoshoots but I also carve out time to shoot surf trips which has always been my passion. My goal of this next year is to invest a ton of time into doing more surf trips.
 Russell Holliday 4
What is a day in the life like for you?
I’ve made it my goal to be up before sunrise almost everyday to surf, mountain bike, skate, or even just walk around the small town of San Luis Obispo. Mornings are my favorite part of the day! The rest of the day is invested into whatever photographic tasks I have for that day. Whether it be shooting, editing, or working at Chris Burkard’s studio, I always have a full plate. It’s great to be so busy and it makes the day go by way to quickly but I’m usually working until 8 or 9 pm.. sometimes later.
Russell Holliday 5
What got you into surfing and how long have you been doing it?
I grew up in Santa Barbara, California which is a beach town in central California. My dad pushed me into waves before I could walk and I think I just fell in love with it then. When I was a kid I just wanted to be able to stand up and ride a wave like my dad could and it naturally progressed from there. I’ve been surfing for 19 years. The action of riding a wave is the most addicting feeling in the world.
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Any hidden gems in San Luis Obispo?
There’s a ton of hidden gems in San Luis Obispo or “SLO” as the locals call it. One place I always tell people to go is Morro Rock which is a massive rock in the middle of the ocean that you can surf next to – it reminds of somewhere you’d see in New Zealand or something. SLO is kind of the gateway to Big Sur State Park which is the most beautiful coastline in California in my opinion. You could spend years up there and not see everything.
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What Penny do you prefer and where is your favorite place to ride?
I prefer riding the 27″. You can mimic the movement of pumping down the line on a wave it’s so rad!! There are some empty mountain roads in SLO and in Santa Barbara that are perfect for skating down.
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Follow Russell’s journey on instagram as he sets up and sets out for upcoming surf trips.

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