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Forever Elsewhere- Cleo & Mitch

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Forever Elsewhere: Cleo & Mitch

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Cleo and Mitch are 2 Australians chasing perfect light and unforgettable locations. They’re currently exploring the United States in a Self Made Camper  Van. We had a chance to catch up with Mitch & Cleo and learn more about their on going journey, Their Favorite spots so far in the US, and what they miss most about Australia.

Their Story

It seems like Mitch and I have known each other forever! When we met four years ago at University in Sydney, Australia we just connected straight away – wanting the same things from life and having very similar tastes and hobbies. It wasn’t long after that we both decided that our love for travel should be pursued – Mitch bought a van and we set off on our first journey up the East Coast for a 2 week adventure. That’s where we fell in love with a life on the road and each other – and we have been exploring in the van ever since!

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How long did it take to build out your Camper Van?  
Our set up in the van back in Aus took us a little longer – it was our first time living on the road and you start to realize what fits and works best where with trial and error. With a few remodels and testing out new layouts, it took us both a few trips and several months to perfect it to what it is now – our comfortable home.
Before we bought our flights to the US from Sydney – we secured a van purchase in Virginia with Mitch’s sister and brother in law that have been living in the area for a few years now.
Having them in the US to buy the van made the process a lot easier – and after arriving to their home it was a long 5 days after that we had completed and finished the renovation of our home.
Having had the experience of already converting our van back in Aus, made this one a little easier (although those 5 days were jam packed with designing and building!)
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Did you buy it and build it in the US or in Australia?
We bought the Ford E 150 we are currently traveling around the US in in Virginia. It was an empty tradesman shell of a van when we received it and we completely built it from scratch! It feels a lot like home now.
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How long did you prepare for your trip abroad and how long will you be traveling around the US?
We have been wanting to travel around the States for some time now, after securing the van purchase with Mitch’s sister we knew that that was it, all we needed to do was book flights, pack our bags and we would soon be off to explore the stunning landscapes of America.
Our ESTA has provided us with three months on the road, we wish we had much longer but there is still so much we have seen here in 3 weeks, so the remaining 9 should be quite the adventure.
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Did you map out your route, places to go, things to see, and places to camp beforehand?
With every and any road trip Mitch and myself have been on, we have made a list of places that we would love to see whilst traveling and then the rest is just us researching on the road. Our route was left literally to the last minute, we looked at the map as we set off from Virginia – very organized! After each day we have more of an idea of our route, which has become a little more recognizable to us now.  As for the preparation of camp spots and things to see, we have a rough idea but mostly we just see what we come across. Sometimes the best places are those along the way.
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Where have been your favorite places in the US so far?
We have seen so much already so that’s hard! Utah and Colorado have definitely stood out for us so far – they are both so different but beautiful. The mountains in Colorado are something else, no matter the direction you look there’s a range in sight capped with snow! In summer! Remarkable.
Utah, although extremely hot, has so much to do and see. You don’t travel more than three minutes without saying wow or looking at some insane rock formation or canyon! The swimming holes are also heavenly, not only because they save you from the scorching heat – but because you are sitting in a canyon with massive red walls, amongst waterfalls and lush green trees – so many different landscapes in one – it feels like a dream.
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What’s one thing you miss about Australia?
Coffee! I’m not going to lie, as a fan of my morning cuppa that is one thing that the states could do better haha. I miss the freshly ground coffee from cafes, the quality of Aussie instant coffee and even the grind coffee from your local 7/11 store. Your choice here is either black or black with some sugar and cream!
If any cafe owners or bean growers want to start a business… I think the states would be the place to do it! Haha!
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You can read more about Mitch & Cleo’s Story on their blog, Forever Elsewhere. You can also keep up with their daily travels by following their Instagram’s : Mitch | Cleo