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Life On Maui With Karlie Thoma

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Karlie Thoma: Life On Maui

We caught up with Maui local, Karlie Thoma and got the inside scoop on the essentials: the best places to hike, swim, and eat. She tells us about doing 40+ feet kite jumps, reasons why she’s nicknamed “Gnarly Karlie”, and reasons why she started surfing and skating.

Take a trip to Maui for a moment in time with this extreme life lover.

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You grew up on Maui, tell us some of your favorite local spots to eat?

Some of my favorite local spots to eat would have to be Paia fish market, Tobis shave ice, and Thai spice they are all in the heart of Paia located on the north shore of Maui.

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Where are the best places to Hike/ Swim?

There are so many hikes and swimming spots but my favorite are Iao Valley state park, twin falls, and the Waihee Ridge Trail. The cool thing with Maui is that after a long hike you get to jump in the most amazing refreshing and beautiful ponds.

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They call you Gnarly Karlie, what are some of the reasons you ended up getting that nickname?

Growing up I would always push things to the next level in other words “Send it” from doing kite jumps 40+ feet into the air to Surfing Triple overhead waves to bombing huge hills The adrenaline is what I live for.

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What got you in to surfing and skating?

I started skating when I was in the 3rd grade our house was near the local skate park and seeing all the boys rip automatically attracted me I had to be just as good as them. I was definitely one of the boys.  All throughout high school, I would hop on my Penny Board along with my brother and my best friend and we would bomb massive hills to get to school, coming up wasn’t so easy though lol.

I was a kiter/bodyboarder and eventually got into surfing 4 years ago. My friend Brendan who also was bodyboarder got a surfboard and he finally hassled me enough to get one as well. I remember paddling out to our local beach Ho’okipa and the waves were well overhead and I just remember uncle Kaleo (the local lifeguard) saying “go” as I paddle for huge wave not knowing what I was doing somehow I made it down the face and at that moment when the wave died and I hopped off my board with the biggest smile on my face and I was instantly in love with surfing.

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What advice would you give to a young girl looking to start surfing and skating?

My advice would be to keep going out there and do what you are passionate about and you will get better its inevitable.

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