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Music Of The Month: BARD

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Music Of The Month: BARD

Penny Skateboard Australia

D’Arcy Dineen, a skater, photographer & Musician hails from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. When Darcy isn’t skating or taking photos he spends his time creating music with his band, BARD.

We caught up with D’Arcy and the band to learn a little more about them, where they’re headed, and what they’re listening to in this months Music Of The Month post.

Summer is coming up fast in Australia making it the perfect time for music and a Penny Cruise!

Get To Know The Band

How did your band form and how long have you guys been together?

Well, living on the Sunshine Coast, you have a lot of spare time and I guess boredom drew us all together.  James, Drew and I would use Drew’s shack as a base for shenanigans of all sorts. I spent hours upon hours watching and listening to them duel on guitars often matched with ridiculous lyrics most likely about someone we knew. I realised quite quickly that there was no way I could keep up with them on guitar so I started writing lyrics to their melodies and shortly after we had a hand full of songs which then snowballed into our 8 track demo recorded over just 2 afternoons.

The other funny problem with the sunshine coast is that drummers are in high demand and we shared 3 drummers for the first 6 months until it came to recording. Our good friend Tommy (a.k.a Pistol) from Los Laws jumped in guns blazing to help record our ‘Demo Archives’ and turned out he fell in love with us… or the music…we’re not sure but we’re bloody happy he stayed!

Penny Skateboard Australia

What bands/ musicians inspire you while creating your music?

We pull our influences from a vast range of music as you can hear in our demo, every songs just that little bit different. I guess we try and blend Psych Rock, Garage, Rock’n Roll,  Surf Reggae and any noise that tickles our biscuit.

Our favourite artists include:

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard and The Ruminaters for their high intensity, in your face live acts! PINK FLOYD because where would we be without them ya know…Blink 182 is always going to be a favourite for their faced paced humorous storytelling, and of course Jimi Hendrix because… well just simply because.

Penny Skateboard Australia

What are your plans for the band?

HUGE PLANS! Not sure how many will follow through but like every other muso, dream big or don’t dream at all.

We’re all on our own path at the moment trying to get enough money and time together to sit down and actually pump out an Album followed by a tour. Having enough material for a 40 track Greatest Hits album, all we need is 2 weeks, which is hard for young fellas trying to secure a career first so we have something to famously fall back on…I mean Pink Floyd had enough time to study architecture then form one of the greatest bands of all time soo I’m sure we’ll get there.

We’re playing MOUNTAIN SOUNDS FESTIVAL 2018!!!! What more could you ask for, a 2 day festival with a MASSIVE lineup a few hours North of Sydney surrounded by beautiful people and amazing bush land.

As much as we love pub shows, I think we’ve worked out our niche is on the backyard circuit and festivals! That being said, 2018 will BARD enjoying a few festies along the East coast but our lips are sealed for now ?

Penny Skateboard Australia

For someone starting a band what advice do you have for them?

Play, laugh, play some more, don’t kill each other over a melodie, enjoy what you’re doing, keep laughing, play to friends, build your confidence, GO TO GIGS,, stay up till sunrise,  write when you’re happy, jam, write when you’re sad, jam and lastly, feel the groove grooving before you start reaching for the stars. I know too many bands who are super talented but let their ego shine through. The audience is your mirror, they feel what you feel. If you’re more worried about your looks or performance, trust me they’ll know.

Penny Skateboard Australia

Where is your favorite place to cruise on a Penny?

I’m not sure how many of you folk are familiar with the Noosa lookout slope, but if you do, you know what I’m talking about…As smooth as your first sip on a cold VB and as speedy as your first gig. Dodging cars, weaving bush turkeys surrounded by bush ahh good fun.

Penny Skateboard Australia

What are you top 3 favorite boards?

1. Blackout 36″ V2 is the favourite I’d say. One push will get you 20ft, she’s super light and bendy plus everyone checks it out

2. Gamma Glow 27″ simply because, well who doesn’t want a glow in the dark skatey.

3. I actually got a custom made 27″ a little while ago and I take it everywhere. picked everything from the grip tape to the colour of individual bolts, goes a treat.

Penny Skateboard Australia


Music The Band Spins On Repeat

Thanks to BARD for letting us get the inside scoop on what they have going on! To keep up with the guys follow on them on Instagram and to hear their tunes check out their Sound Cloud!

If you’ve been listening to a band you can’t get enough of hit us up in our DM’s here.