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Music Of The Month: Early Eyes

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Music Of The Month: Early Eyes

This month we caught up with the up-and-coming band from Minneapolis called Early Eyes. The band is made up of 3 college students, Wy (The Drummer), Jake (Vox & Guitar). and Des (Bassist). We got to learn a little more about this band, how they got to playing, and where they’re heading.

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 4

We became a band just a short time ago. When we all moved to Minneapolis for school, we met in a pretty odd fashion. I, Wyatt, met Jake in person at the local metro stop and for the first time we got to talking. After that we hung out a couple times and then one day as we were just hanging in the basement (Jake’s dorm room) Des just stumbled in with one of our other close friends. That night we all jammed and found ourselves really enjoying the sound that came from it. Very shortly after that, Des got a gig for us that was never really supposed to happen. The show was a huge success and after that night on October 3rd of 2016, Early Eyes grew in such a rapid pace locally. We don’t necessarily go for one specific sound and we never really decided upon one specific genre, but rather we just came from several different musical influences and because of that we created our own sound of sorts. Throughout this duration of time, we released an EP called “Minutes” on May 19th, 2017, and are super happy to share it with you.

Get To Know The Band

Who are your musical influences?

Wyatt: I’m influenced by a lot of different bands. Anywhere from Tears for Fears, to newer bands like Little Comets. My drumming takes after a lot of George Daniels’s style of drumming.

Des: I listen to all kinds of stuff. As far as contemporaries, Homeshake and Pinegrove are my current faves. When it comes to oldies, I’m a big fan of Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, etc. As a cultured man, I also love jazz. Ray Brown and Jaco Pastorius are hugely influential bass players to me.
Jake: I really dig old Motown records and 60’s soul, and I listened to a lot of Marvin Gaye, and Al Green growing up. As for contemporaries, I’m super into Papooz, D’angelo, and I take a lot of inspiration from The way Shakey Graves writes. The dude knows how to play to a room.
Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 2

Tell us about a day in your life as a band

We hang a lot, spending a lot of time at Hard Times Cafe off Riverside. Then we usually hit the pool for a nice dip. Play some tunes, and of course tool around on our Penny Boards.
Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 9

What inspires you to create music?

Plain and simple, the people who listen to it! We’ve always focused on making music for other people to enjoy, rather than personal recognition.

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 5

What advice do you give to someone starting a band?

Support your local scene. We cannot stress enough how good it feels to give and get support from your fellow musicians. We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have an awesome community alongside us.

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 6

Where is your favorite place to penny board in your city?

Government Plaza has the coolest ramps and little skatable obstacles. Always a great time.

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 7

What is your favorite music venue in your city?

The 7th Street Entry is really cool. It’s always fun playing on a legit stage with good sound. We also love getting down at Art House North. It’s a refurbished church, and a real intimate venue. All the shows there are for really good causes, and the crowd always brings the energy.

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 3

Where is the best place to eat in your city?

We dig Hard Times Cafe, the local-vegan-punk-rock joint. Good food, good atmosphere. Also, (The other dudes won’t let me put this, but Hell’s Kitchen is the cat’s pajamas. The peanut butter is incredible. -Jake)

Early Eyes Penny Skateboards 1

When is your next show?

Our next big show is July 31st at the 7th Street Entry!

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Stay Up To Date With Early Eyes

Thanks to Early Eyes for taking time out to let us in on a day on their life!

To keep up with Early Eyes on newly released music and all of their adventures be sure to follow them Instagram.