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Open Roads Installment 1: Meet Maddy & Blake

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Open Roads Installment  1

Open Roads is a new video series about a feeling of stepping into a whole other world for a moment in time and putting yourself in the middle of authentic moments and adventures from artists, athletes, musicians, and other individuals that live an adventurous lifestyle.

Episode 1 follows surfers Blake and Maddy through their everyday search for good waves and good times.

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Meet Maddy & Blake

Maddy & Blake are two kids from San Onofre, California who spend their days in the sun, in parking lots never far from the water, and with their Penny boards always in tow. This couple surf, skates, and plays music together taking each day as it comes and making the best of it.


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LongBoard V2

Maddy & Blake show some fancy footwork on the newly launched 36″ Penny V2 Longboards. We’ve been working on this design for quite sometime to improve the board based on market and customer feedback. The new model now provides greater flex and reduced weight and we are so excited to share it with Penny cruisers & adventurers. Check the 3 new colors out here.

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Live Like The Locals

Thanks to Maddy & Blake for showing us how the locals of San Onofre live their day to day lives.

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Photos by Cameron Strand

Video by George Trimm