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Penny Adventures in The Italian Dolomites with Marcel Lesch

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Adventure Lifestyle Photographer, Marcel Lesch

Marcel Lesch is a German landscape and adventure lifestyle photographer based in the beautiful West! After school he spent two years in the USA where he developed his interest in the outdoors and photography.  He recently went on a Penny Adventure in the Italian Dolomites and came back with the following photo feature.  Enjoy!
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Fast 5 With Marcel

 How long have you been planning your trip to the Dolomites?
Usually I plan my trips in advance. This means I scout the locations, the crew and get accommodations and transportation organized. The trip to the Dolomites was set probably 2.5 months before the start! That’s the common time I usually start planning details.
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What have you been listening to during your trip?
Music is always an important part during the trips! I like house and chart music a lot. If it’s getting late I like to listen podcasts to keep me awake and concentrated !
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Any recommendations on where to stay/ eat near the dolomites?
We decided to have one Airbnb during the trip to the Dolomites. Located in Sankt Ulrich. The location is okay and doable to get to sunrises. Since the sun is getting up later and later it was okay! We didn’t want to switch the accommodations on a daily basis. The Dolomites are not that big. In the town are also many great little restaurants to visit as well as grocery markets to cook in the Airbnb !
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You travel often, where has been your favorite place you’ve been and when did you go?
My favorite place or country to visit is Canada so far! I’ve been there twice now. First time a year ago. It was also my first outdoor photography trip ! So it was great to return this year again after a year of progress!
Iceland is also a natural gem. Can’t wait to return and visit the great places during winter!
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Any advice for people who are saving up for travel? 
Get a crew and share costs. Rent a car and sleep inside or in tents. Cook your own food and have an awesome time! I don’t waste money on partying or alcohol, cigarettes or something like that. I like to save my money for the next adventure !
Thanks for sharing your adventures with us Marcel, to keep up with him and his next journey follow him on Instagram.