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Penny Skateboards at Bowl-A-Rama 2014

By February 27, 2014 No Comments

Penny attended Bondi BowlaramaThis year we came back to Bondi bigger than ever at the Vans Bowl-A-Rama!

We rolled in with a full Penny Pop-Up Customizer shop where event goers and beach strollers could come and create their own custom Penny and skate away on the esplanade down beautiful Bondi Beach. If you were feeling particular crazy, you could add a Penny X Bowl-A-Rama grip tape and panel stickers to your board for a real memento from the event.

Next to our Pop-Up shop, we also brought out a range of brightly painted skate pieces to entice skaters and skaters to be to hop on a board and see what they’re made of. We offered skate coaching to the newly stoked beginners to give them confidence on their new boards. Everyone that came into the skate park left with a higher stoke level ready to go watch the action in the bowl.

The event was packed all day, and the crowds were animated and excited to watch some of the biggest legends in skateboarding take the Bondi Bowl. The biggest legend of them all showed up this year, and the Birdman himself- Tony Hawk could be spotted throwing down all his tricks in the Masters comp. The day ended favorably for Tony Hawk and Pedro Barros taking first in the Masters and Pro Comp.

Here’s all the results from the Bowl contest:


1. Tony Hawk

2. Steve Caballero

3. Nicky Guerrero

4. Sergie Ventura

5. Brian Patch

6. Adam Luxford

7. Eddie Elguera

8. Pat Ngoho

9. Sean Goff

10. Peter Hewitt



1. Pedro Barros

2. Alex Sorgente

3. Felipe Foguinho

4. Bucky Lasek

5. Sam Beckett

6. Murilo Peres

7. Cory Juneau

8. Joshua Rodriguez

9. Ben Key

10. Josh Stafford

and for more info on Bowl-A-Rama head on over to

Thanks to everyone who came out to hang out with us, customize a board, skate our skate park, and watch the epic comp! Thanks also to Vans for supporting such a great event and Frontside Events for putting it on year after year!