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Penny Skateboards X Christian Hosoi 2014

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Skateboarding is art, mixed with what we love to do. And that’s where motivation comes from, that’s where determination comes from. It comes from a place where you do it because you love it. Not because you’re going to get something from it, but it’s because you’re going to give back to it.

Hosoi Collaborates with Penny
Hearing legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi speak about the craft, it’s easy to feel his passion. It oozes out of his pores, inspiring those around him. This magnetic personality, coupled with inimitable flair, out-of-this-world board skills and an undying love for the sport, has made Hosoi one of the most revered and well-known figures on the skateboarding scene.

Growing up in the 1970s, Hosoi first started skateboarding in Hawaii, when his father built a fibreglass board out of a surfboard mould. A pinnacle moment for the young skater was getting his picture taken for Skateboarder Magazine at Marina Del Rey Skate Park. I think that’s when I was just like, this is it for me. This is going to be me for the rest of my life. Hosoi was true to his word.

Emerging as a new, raw talent in the 1980s, Hosoi competed in contest after contest, catching the eye of admiring fans and gaining respect from fellow skateboarders. Over 30 years later, 45-year old Hosoi is still at it and is now dedicated to teaching young kids and passing on his love for skateboarding.

Christian hosoi skates with his fansWhen Penny Skateboards first teamed up with Hosoi in 2013, the result was the aesthetically brilliant and hugely popular Christian Hosoi “Rising Sun” Signature Model. Featuring his iconic rising sun graphic, the 27” Nickel skateboard was kitted out with Custom 4” Hosoi powder-coated Penny trucks, colour coded high tensile bolts, Penny Abec7 bearings and black, 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels.

On working with Penny Skateboards, Hosoi said, I wanted to work with Penny because after riding all the plastic boards on the market nothing felt as good under my feet as a Penny. As the original, it exudes style and performance, and Ben¹s aim in starting Penny to get more feet on skateboards really appealed to me and my own life in teaching my own kids to skate. For me, Penny’s about what I’m about, so it’s an honor to become an ambassador.

Now, in 2014, the Penny/Hosoi collaboration is back. This time, Hosoi’s long-standing Hammerhead graphic is proudly displayed on the Penny 27” Nickel skateboard, which has all the same dimensions and features as the 2013 Signature Model.

For Hosoi, the Hammerhead graphic takes him back to a time in his life when the pursuit of individuality, artistry and creativity was all-consuming. He was a young kid chasing big dreams. He wanted to do something outside the box. This symbolic graphic would go on to become one of Hosoi’s signature looks and a beacon for all aspiring skateboarders.

Thanks to Penny Skateboards, you can now share the Christian Hosoi legacy and enjoy great style and quality at the same time. Check out the 2014 Hosoi Signature Board now for more information.