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Kevin Jansen: Please Have Fun

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Please Have Fun

Kevin Jansen is known for his beachy surf photography and beautifully placed cinematic shots capturing the dream that is Southern California.

We caught up with Kevin to learn more about his first full length surf film, Please Have Fun,  his inspiration, and what got him into the Southern California surf scene.


Catching Up With Kevin

So you’re working on your first full length surf film. Can you give us a little overview of the idea behind it?

“Please Have Fun” follows a woman as she begins to realize through memories that her drastic overreaction to a situation maybe wasn’t the best way to deal with said situation.

The surfing and surfers are all meant to be presented as memories of where she’s from and places she longs for again.



How long have you been working on the film and when will it be done?

I’ve been shooting the film with meaning for two years now, but there are clips of surfing that are three and four years old. I’ve been going to school and working on and off  through out the shooting so it’s taken a little longer. I’ve also learned I’m pickier than most so it takes a while for me to get shots I like.


Have you traveled anywhere for the film & if so where?

I haven’t. I had all these plans to travel places, but as I shot, I began to feel like it meant more to me personally to shoot in places I always felt were home, and right now all those places are in California. There is a chance I’ll be traveling for the movie towards the end of filming, but I’m not forcing it too much if it happens it happens.


Where do you find inspiration for your photos?

Inspiration for my photos has come from different places at different time. Right now it comes from this romanticized idea of summer I have stuck in my head. And most of my current photo series I’m working on are based on that.



What got you into surf photography and videography?

I got into surfing and photography separately and then they merged fairly early on when I had more interest in shooting surfers than being shot while surfing.


What city are you from and what are some of your favorite things to do in that city?

I’m from Lomita, Ca. When I’m home I don’t do much. I usually go out to bars and things like that in other cities. When I’m home I like to be home. I work mostly. Spend a lot of hours behind my computer drinking coffee. Or I watch movies.


What Penny Board Are You Currently Riding?

Right now I’m riding the Homer 27”.


Currently Listening To


Wrap up


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