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Say Hello To The New 2014 Fades & Graphics Series

By April 1, 2014 No Comments

Penny Skateboards is happy to present the 2014 Fades and Graphics series , the latest additions to the Penny skateboard family. Boards in both series feature a kaleidoscope of colours, resulting in eye-catching and stylish designs that are sure to capture your imagination.

Fade Series

Penny Fades SeriesChannelling the carefree, vibrant beach lifestyle, the Fades series was inspired by surfboard art and features complementary colour combinations that fade across the board in an ombre effect. Fluoro Fade has bright, neon colours that have been combined in a burst of energy and liveliness.
The soft, candy flavours of the Pastel Fade come together in harmony, looking so good you’ll almost want to eat it! Soda Fade emerges as a halfway point between the two, with lilac, blue and white creating a classically stylish and funky surface. Finally, rounding out the group is the Rasta Fade, a striking display of red, yellow and green that unifies in one eclectic and urban skateboard.

Looking at the Fade boards, it’s easy to conjure up images of whipped ice-cream cones, striking street art, fairy floss, hypnotic jams and fluoro sunglasses.

Graphic Series

The new Graphics series came about as a result of the successful 2013 Holidayseries, which featured a number of funky designs, including Hawaiian, AztecPolkaand Resin. The latest range introduces a number of new patterns, inspired by current fashion trends and innovations, and aiming to connect with both males and females.

Penny Graphics SeriesThe Baja board evokes a distinctive Mexican vibe with its fiesta-like swirl of colours, calling to mind ponchos and traditional Baja blankets. Floral combines a dark edginess with the sweetness of autumn flowers through its inclusion of skeleton and insect illustrations, making this board ideal for those who like to mix it up. The Penny Space Board is a visual masterpiece, with a fusion of mystical, astrological and tribal themes, including a distinctive howling wolf graphic. Drawing inspiration from camouflage prints and hunting fashion, the Hunting Season design focuses on shades of green, orange and black. Last but definitely not least is the Tie Dye board. A direct shout-out to the 1960s, this psychedelic, multi-coloured design is bold and lively.

At Penny Skateboards, we believe that fun and skateboarding go hand in hand and that your board is an extension of your personality. We aim to provide high-quality, fresh and stylish skateboards that let you have a smooth ride and look good at the same time. We also know that everyone is different. This is why we will keep creating new, innovative designs.

So, what do you think of the new 2014 range? Will you be rocking a Baja board, or cruising along with the sweet mix of Pastel? Does the mysterious Space board capture your interest, or are you keen for some Fluoro fun?

Answer these questions by browsing through all the products in the Fades and Graphics series. Also check out this behind-the-scenes video of how our Penny Fades Skateboard deck gets hand painted!

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