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Shutter Nomad & His Rastaclat Board Adventures In London

By May 26, 2017 No Comments

Shutter Nomad Takes London


Shutter Nomad Rastaclat 5

We caught up with urban explorer Zeeshan Shaikh also known on Instagram as Shutter Nomad and had him take the Rastaclat board out for a spin through the city. He recently moved from Dubai to the midlands area in the UK. As an Urban Explorer, that’s quite a difference because it’s basically full of Green patches and the complete opposite aesthetic than what he’s used to and known for shooting.

After moving he knew that his IG followers follow him for the cityscapes and urban shots that he’s done so well in Dubai, so he travels out to London twice a month to keep pumping out creative photos and giving his followers what they want to see.

With all his Urban exploring you can find Shutter Nomad traveling throughout big cities like Mumbai and Dubai with his Penny strapped to his back pack. Being an urban explorer and photographer means endless long walks for miles through the city to find unique architecture, shapes and scenes to photograph. So he relies on his Penny to cruise around on!


Out & About In London

Shutter Nomad Rastaclat 3

  Where is your favorite place to eat in the city?

This is very hard to decide, London is the hub of delicacies from all around the world, you can’t just have one favourite place. SOHO, Borough market, and south bank area are really good for some delicious offerings, also I like to go to Vapiano in SOHO for their Pizzas and Pastas.

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What is one thing we have to see if we ever visit London?
I really like the skyline and all the iconic structures of London like The Shard, Big Ben, London eye, but I really like hanging around South bank it’s kind of in between all these structures.
Shutter Nomad Rastaclat 1
Where is your favorite place to ride your Penny in London?
That will be south bank, its perfect to skate and cruise around with all these iconic buildings around river Thames and it’s even more beautiful at night. There is also a small skate park there, between south bank centre and London eye.
What was on your playlist for the trip?

Urban Exploration

Zeeshan explores cities with a camera in hand and living his life to the fullest. For more of his art follow be sure to follow him on Instagram 

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