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The Neverland Boys: Citizens Of Nowhere

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Citizens Of Nowhere

Each individual has their story. Where they came from, where they’re going. Everyone is able to set out and create a story in any way they’d like. Australia’s own Neverland Boys seek eternal youth and endless good times. They are creating moments and stories that will last them a lifetime!

The Neverland Boys Penny Skateboards 2

Creating Their Own Normal

We are the Neverland Boys. Three best friends documenting our journey being young doing what we love…Living. When we finished school we moved to Rottnest Island to escape the realities of growing up, it felt like a place where time didn’t exist, a playground for bigger kids and we felt like we never had to grow up – which is where our name is derived from.

The Neverland Boys Penny Skateboards 3

While we were there, we fell into documenting life and sharing our pics and videos on a collaborative account on social media. After hosting and collaborating with some big social media influencers on the island such as Alex Hayes and Gabby Epstein, we quit our jobs there to pursue our dream life of exploring what the world has to offer. The more landscapes we explore, the more people we meet, the more culture we experience and the more we realise that we don’t belong in one place. In fact we feel like we don’t belong anywhere – so the only real way to explain who we are is citizens of nowhere.


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After spending most the year traveling, we found ourselves back to ours roots at home…Since we’ve been back we’ve gone down south to the raw vibes of Margaret River, where we found ourselves camping at Contos with Soul Camping. Nights under the stars telling stories and sharing plenty of laughs made for early mornings surfing, drinking plenty of coffee and taking plenty of photos.

The Neverland Boys Penny Skateboards 7

It was soon enough before we found ourselves out on our Island Home, Rottnest. We spent a couple days going back to our favourite spots but once we hit golden hour we were out on the hills on our favourite Penny Skateboards

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