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Penny X Tony Hawk Mission Beach Boardwalk Cruise

By September 6, 2017 No Comments


Tony Hawk Going Back To His Roots

Tony Hawk Penny Skateboards Mission Beach 1We recently launched a Penny X Tony Hawk Collab board, with every board sold a portion of the proceeds are being donated to The Tony Hawk Foundation, to support the construction of skateparks in low income neighborhoods.

Tony Hawk Penny Skateboards Mission Beach 5

Tony took the new boards out for a spin around the boardwalk where he grew up, Mission Beach. This all went down live on Facebook. In the live video Tony talks about how he used to come to the Mission Beach Boardwalk and try and ride the rollercoaster that’s on the pier and the Summer he was old enough to ride it, it shut down. Whenever the ride opened back up he was the first one in line.

Tony Hawk Penny Skateboards Mission Beach 2

Tony greeted people strolling the boardwalk which left many people confused but also super stoked! Not only did he take pictures with everyone, he gave away #PennyXTonyhawk boards for people to try them out for theirselves! It’s not everyday you see a skateboarding legend randomly cruising on a boardwalk let alone giving away boards!

Tony Hawk Penny Skateboards Mission Beach 6

Tony and his friends rode all along the boardwalk practicing tricks and Tony even landed a tre flip on The Penny, he still got it!

Tony Hawk Penny Skateboards Mission Beach 3

The board is available for purchase in skateshops worldwide as well as on!


If you’re interested in seeing the full Facebook Live video, you can see it here.