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#PennyAdventures: A trip up the California coast

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Selling Vintage Clothes Out Of Their ’04 Chevy

Two Guys Good Buys is a traveling vintage clothing company. The two best friends Tyler and Frank, originally from Buffalo, NY, started their journey in Spring of 2015 when they purchased a ’04 Chevy Van with a dream in mind. That dream being gutting the van and tailoring it to make it spacious enough for 2 guys and their buys! They dreamed of making their everyday work the best work ever. Both of the guys had a love for thrifting as well as camping, hiking, and traveling. What better way to do all of the above than to sell their findings online and at flea markets and getting the opportunity to travel around the US looking for one-of-a-kind clothing? Frank & Tyler recently set out for a journey up the California coast and they documented all of their #PennyAdventures on a film camera along the way.

Two Guys Good Buys

We are Frank Fina and Tyler Annalora of Two Guy Good Buys vintage clothing and we live on the road.

 Approaching 35,000 miles of exploration, we’ve been traveling the US in our Chevy van for 18 months now. With Spring in the air, and two new Penny boards, we took a trip up north to San Francisco in search of open roads and vintage clothes.

Penny Skateboards San Diego 3Penny Skateboards San Diego 2
Penny Skateboards San Diego 1

A Ton Of Stoke And Little Expectation

Our Penny adventures up the coast started like any other adventure, with a ton of stoke and little expectation.

With the old Chevy van dialed in, we topped off the gas, packed our bags, and battened the hatches for the long haul.

Leaving San Diego we had our sights on Los Angeles as the first stop.

Penny Skateboards LA1Penny Skateboards LA 2

Healthy Dose Of The wild

After a leisurely jaunt through Los Angeles, its time for a healthy dose of the wild. Next stop, Sequoia National Park.

Snow was still heavy throughout the park, but the main road, Generals Highway was drivable and that was all the convincing we needed. This would be our home for the next few days.

What better way to break in a new board than winding roads, and a picturesque view of the valley.

Penny Skateboard Sequoia 1Penny Skateboards Sequoia 2

Digging For Gold

Leaving camp is never easy but, its time to cut west to the Bay to dig for vintage gold

The birth place of some of the coolest clothes we’ve unearthed, we get our kicks scouring for vintage all over San Francisco

Our day to shop we wake up early to beat the crowds and separate in opposite directions as we pass through the gates. There are times our lurking brings us together for a brief exchange and peek into each other’s bag of treasures. But, it’s likely we won’t see one another again until its all over.

Penny Skateboards SF2

Penny Skateboards SF1

Dream On

Following your dreams and doing what you love may seem overwhelming at first. But take it step by step and lead a life you love, because after all you only get one!

With work, comes reward. Frank & Tyler work hard to find clothes that people will love but on the flip side they get to do it in amazing places that always have open roads ready for Penny’s to be rode on.

Thanks so much to Tyler and Frank for taking us along on their journey! The Penny Boards featured in this post are the 22″ Shadow Jungle, 27″ Black Out 2, And the 22″ Casper.

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